Photovoltaic System.

The photovoltaic system is to all effects a small generation plant of electricity. The owner of the plant can thus take advantage of unused space. Photovoltaics is certainly an important investment in terms of economic, made available thanks to government incentives, which aim to support the development of a clean and renewable source such as solar.


ASEPA ENERGY provides Operation & Maintenance of all types of plants, from small to large system, ensures prompt and efficient intervention through specialized activities:

  • Preventive maintenance on the activities planned for a contract;
  • Corrective maintenance, in case of incident or technical defects.


The activities of O&M that Asepa Energy srl offered are:

  • Inspection of the PV modules (Thermographic camera on request)
  • Check inverters functionality ;
  • parallel string boxes
  • MV and LV;
  • MV/LV transformers
  • Transformer substations MV/LV
  • Switches and fuses MT
  • Electric lines
  • Lighting
  • Video surveillance
  • System for control and monitoring where present
  • Grass Cutting
  • Cleaning of modules

In addition the ordinary maintenance, Asepa Energy Srl acts immediately to restore any faults reported by customers or by the monitoring system.

Brochure operation & maintenance Asepa Energy

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