Our Projects.


ASEPA ENERGY has many years of experience in the design, development and construction of plants that produce energy from renewable sources, and important collaborations with leading companies in the field of renewable energy at the international level for which he has developed projects for different types and sizes of plants, for households (3-20 kWp), for industrial utilities on roofs of buildings (20-500 kWp), and generation “ground plants” (up to 1 MWp) a total of 25 MWp power mainly located in Apulia Region.

Asepa provides O&M services  (operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems) for different types of PV plants.

Below there are some of the works that Asepa Energy has made in building’s field.

  • Design, construction supervision and construction of an industrial building of approximately 1,600 square meters in the industrial area of Montemesola (TA).
  • Design, construction supervision and construction of a complex of fourteen units housing in the municipality of Carosino (TA).
  • Planning, management and construction of the works relating to the restructuring and construction and energy re-evaluation of residential house located in Crispiano (TA);

In addition ASEPA ENERGY has developed strong skills and experience in the field of industrial plant:

  • Ferriere Nord s.p.a. Design and implementation of new pneumatic circuit to replace the previous non-working act to blow Lime and Charcoal inside the electric furnace annealing for steel production at the Company ironworks North SiderPotenza SpA facility owned by the Pittini group.
  • Rev Aviation s.p.a Production of electrical and automation at the service of the Mandrino for the construction of the composite fuselage of the Boeing 787 project at the Alenia Aermacchi Grottaglie.
  • Technoplants s.r.l. Technical assistance and assembly of working cells for Boing 787 Project at the Alenia Aermacchi Grottaglie.
  • Ecomec s.r.l. Technical assistance and assembly of working cells for Boing 787 Project at the Alenia Aermacchi Grottaglie.
  • Sitie Impianti Industriali s.p.a. Technical Support and Installation (through our subsidiary company under Polish law with registered office in Warsaw Asepa Poland Sp.zo.o) of the control systems for process automation, reporting and monitoring, and firefighting fire and gas regasification plant at the site “Polskie LNG Terminal” site Swinoujscie in the North of Poland for the “general contractor Saipem SpA”.
  • Techimp Impianti S.p.a Technical assistance, planning and Assembly (through our subsidiary under Slovak law with its registered office in Bratislava as Asepa Poland Spol sr.o.) of electrical systems and control automation secondary processes, reporting and monitoring of fire prevention and fire and gas at the site “Mochovce PLANT- NUCLEAR POWER UNIT 3 & 4 ” in Mochove in Slovakia.
  • Basile Petroli s.p.a Construction of photovoltaic plants from 60 kWp, adaptation and extension of existing building electrical system.
  • Modula S.r.l Construction of 220 kWp photovoltaic plant, upgrading and extension cab for medium voltage electrical system.
  • Plain Energy GmbH Technical and administrative support services for the management and sale network operator Enel No. 4 medium-voltage power lines to service the same number of plants producing electricity from renewable sources
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