Electrical systems and industrial automation.

Asepa Energy operates in the field of electrical and industrial automation. Our business consists of creating control systems and management, able to rule the operation of many different production systems through electro-instrumental installations.

We design and install electrical systems for any kind of need, from the structure used for civil, to the private productive activity, to public buildings.

Asepa meets every request with the design and maintenance of everything needed for electrical distribution, in full compliance with safety standards set by law.

Each work is matched by a certificate of conformity of the state of art and project made in relation to CEI rule and applicable laws.


Electrical systems and telecommunications

Industrial Mechanical systems:

  • prefabrication, construction and assembly of light metal
  • prefabrication, construction and assembly of pipes in all kinds of steels, materials, nonferrous metals and alloys in the service of fluid dynamic systems in general.
  • Fire Sprinkler Installations dry / wet and complete systems for fire & gas.
  • Equipment of Compressed Air and air tools
  • Adduction system and distribution special gas
  • Adduction system and distribution gas fuel


Air-conditioning system and Plumbing

Heating systems with generators traditional or condensing type boilers and heat pumps:

Centralized systems (independent system, heat metering)

Systems of Radiators (fan-coils, panel radiators, all-air, air heaters, generators self-employed)

Electronic control systems for the management and energy saving

Data transmission networks and telecommunications systems (LAN network, Profibus, and Optical Fiber

Particularly developed is the business of designing electrical panels that capture the well-known production needs of client companies.

We provide innovative solutions and services for industrial automation, designing and implementing automation, control panels, integrated systems of the machine, monitoring systems and remote control, making use also of professionalism in the network of Green Companies Network Automation of which we are leader.


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Supply of stamp plates on request


The company is able to provide a marking system with plates in AISI 316 stainless steel that can be used to identify cables and pipes in different types of industrial sites like refineries, roads, railways, airports, food plants, photovoltaic systems etc. The system is able to resist the most hostile environments, mainly subjected to atmospheric agents such as wind, rain, sun, waves and the salt water.

The plates can be fixed with clamps in AISI 316 stainless steel width of 4.6 mm in different sizes; the same are available also with PVC coating.

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